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Specialising in reservoir diagenesis & integrated reservoir characterisation studies
OUR MISSION:To provide A fast, reliable, high-quality SERVICE

About Us


Reservoir Geosolutions Ltd is a privately owned geological consultancy located on the North Wales coast, close to the Snowdonia National Park. Established by Karen Higgs in 2006, we provide a range of services, primarily for the petroleum and CCS industries, but also for water and environmental agencies, research organisations, academic and government institutions. Our small size keeps overheads down and means that we can provide a fast, reliable service for a very competitive price. We are committed to producing quality products and maintaining confidentiality.



Karen has undertaken studies on many of the world’s continents, with concentrated effort in the UK, Norway, New Zealand, Australia and Oman. With experience in a wide range of clastic depositional systems, including deep-water, shoreface, aeolian, and fluvial, work has included both outcrop and subsurface studies. Karen specialises in reservoir diagenesis and integrated reservoir characterisation, incorporating the work of biostratigraphers, geochemists, basin modellers, seismic interpreters, structural geologists and petrophysists, and collaborates with specialists from affiliated companies.

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How we can help you:
  • Petrographic & diagenetic studies

  • Reservoir quality assessment & prediction

  • Inorganic geochemistry & water-rock interaction studies

  • Sedimentology & facies analysis

  • Well correlation & sequence stratigraphy

  • Play fairway, GDE & CRS mapping

  • Evaluation of underground storage sites for CO2

  • Prospect & field evaluation

  • Deterministic risk assessment for CO2 storage sites / hydrocarbon prospects

  • Integrated geological studies for new ventures, exploration, appraisal and production teams, and carbon capture and storage

  • Literature reviews, data analysis, technical reviews

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